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Monroe Dunaway Anderson Society

Mr. Monroe Dunaway Anderson recognized a good investment when he saw it. In 1904, he parlayed his banking expertise and his capital into a business partnership that engaged in buying and selling cotton, the world's most popular product at that time. Through hard work and good management, the company prospered.

In 1936, Mr. Anderson decided to make a long-term investment in the future of Houston, the city that had given him such opportunity. He created the charitable MD Anderson Foundation that today has paid greater dividends in terms of improved human lives than the founder ever could have imagined.

In 1941, two years after Anderson's death, the foundation trustees approved a $500,000 matching grant that enabled the funding of what is now The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Thousands of people have benefited from world-class cancer patient care, research, and education because Mr. Anderson transformed his vision into a long-range plan of action.

Today, the Monroe Dunaway Anderson Society honors both our namesake and other forward-thinking individuals who choose to invest in the future with a planned gift benefiting MD Anderson Cancer Center and our mission to eradicate cancer. It would be our pleasure to welcome you into this special circle of recognition.


Monroe Dunaway Anderson Society Members

Mr. Jerry Abbott
M.P. & Hallie G. Adair
Mrs. Beverly A. Adams
Charles L. Adams
Joe and Nancy Adams
Mr. D. Ray Adams
Mr. Hal E Adams
Mr. N. Arthur Adamson
Dr. Jaffer A. Ajani
Ms. Kay F. Alchu
Ms. Elizabeth E Alford
Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Alkek
Mr. William C. Alldredge
Ms. Llewellyn R. Alldredge
Ms. Nell Allen
Mr. Robert J. Allison, Jr.
Mr. Edward C. Allison
Ms. Margaret Capps Allred
Dr. and Mrs. John V. Amy
Ms. Elizabeth Ancira
Mrs. James Anderson, Jr.
Mr. John L. Anderson, Jr.
Mr. Juanita Anderson
Mr. Lannie Anderson
Mr. Rodney D. Anderson
Mr. Thomas Dunaway Anderson
Ms. Gloria T Anderson
Ms. Johnnie M. Anderson
Ms. June Carol Anderson
The Honorable Robert L. Andrews
Mrs. David C. Anglin
Mr. Matthew Anthony
Mrs. Barbara C. Anthony
Dr. Takashi Anzai
Mr. Dale Armstrong
Ms. Brenda Arnett
Mrs. Verda A. Arney
Dr. Frances E. Arrighi
Arthur B. & Marion V. Myers Trust Fund
Ms. Julia T. Ascher
Ms. Sandra L. Aucoin
Ms. Robin L. Austin
Mr. Edward Azar
Dr. David J. Bachrach
Mr. Dean H. Bailey
Ms. Elease Bailey
Mrs. Verna M. Baird
Mr. Lamar Robert Baker, Jr.
Mr. James B. Baker
Mrs. Dusty Baker
Mrs. Rebecca H. Baker
Mr. Vincent C. Baldasare
Mr. Charles L. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Bales, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen G. Bales
Mr. John G. Ball
Mr. Ben C. Ball, Jr.
Mr. William Huff Bargainer
Mr. Bruce A. Barkhurst
Mr. Thomas James Barlow
Mr. William W. Barnes
Mr. John Barnes
Mr. John Rowe Barnes
Mrs. Carol W. Barnes
Mr. Bill C. Barnett
Mrs. James G. Barnhart
Dr. and Mrs. Ermilo Barera, Jr.
Col and Mrs. James A. Bartlett
Mrs. Sally Weinert Bartlett
Ms. Irma Bass
Mr. Carl L. Bauer
Mr. Charles A. Baughman
Mr. Kenneth Baum
Mrs. Sandra Baum
Ms. Margaret L. Bayhi
Mr. Kenneth L. Bazzle
Mrs. Tamara A. Bazzle
Mr. Raymond J. Beach
Mr. Bruce Robert Beadle
Mr. Paul Beck
Ms. Margaret W. Behrens
Mr. Mark A. Belcik
Mrs. Margaret I. Bell
Ms. Elizabeth Britton Benavides
Mrs. Mary M. Bendgen
Mr. Vera L. Bennett
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bennett -Coin
Mr. Marty Berg
Ms. Wanda Lee Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley W. Berry
Mr. Joe A. Best III
Mr. Brusse N Bevers
Mrs. Patricia Bevilacqua
Ms. Mildred G. Beyer
Ms. Janet G. Beynon
Mr. Noelan L. Bibler
Ms. Jane Horowitz Bick
Mrs. Karen A. Bickel
Mrs. Sarah W. Biedenharn
Ms. Margaret E. Biehl
Wayne and Caroline Bienvenu
Ms. Delores T. Biggs
Ms. Jodie Bingham
Ms. Barbara H. Blades
Ms. Gwin C. Blair
Ms. Lucy Jane Blair
Mrs. Chester A. Blanchard
Mr. Richard P. Bland
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Blanton, Sr.
Ms. Patricia D. Bohan
Mr. E. Scofield Bonnet
Ms. Mary B. Booth
Mrs. Mary V. Boring
Ms. Norma Born
Ms. Karen Boughnou
Mrs. Feffie N Bowers
Mrs. Emily C. Bowman
Mr. Stephen L. Boyd
Mr. Charlie Boyd
Mr. William R. Boyle
Mrs. Elizabeth Bradbury
Mr. Wilber D. Bradford
Mr. Jack C. Bradley
Ms. Juanita L. Bradley
Dr. Luther W. Brady
Ms. Eloise M. Brandon
Mr. Norman Paul Brandstatt
Mrs. Connie R. Brandt
Mr. Robert A. Brandt
Mr. John Brandt
Ms. Leatrice B. Brannan
Ms. Dee Anna Bratton
Mr. Steven S. Braun
Mr. Wayne F. Bray
Mrs. Edith B. Brehm
Mr. William M. Breneman
Mr. Edgar W. Bridges
Ms. Leslie K. Brier
Mr. Roderick M. Brim
Mr. John Baxter Brinkmann
Dr. Ralph Broadwater
Ms. Betty J Brock
Ms. Ruth Wesson Broll
Mr. Henry T. Brooks
Mrs. Eleine H. Brooks
Mr. John Howard Brooks, Sr.
Mrs. Sally N. Brorby
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brorby
Mr. Paul Doris Broussard
Mr. Willard B. Brown
Mr. Alanson C. Brown III
Mr. James Roland Brown
Mr. Samuel R. Brown
Mrs. Isabell L. Brown
Mrs. Lillian W. Brown
Mrs. Rebecca M. Brown
Mrs. Ruby Brown
Mrs. Sylvia H. Brown
Ms. Dorothy E Brown
Mr. Richard P. Browne
Mr. Edgar K. Browning
Ms. Linda R. Bruce
Dr. George A. Brugnoli
Mrs. Margaret Bryant
Ms. Julie A. Buchanan
Ms. Vastine August Buescher
Ms. Roberta Bunch
Mr. William J. Burch, Jr.
Mrs. Lessie Burch
Mr. Jerry J, Burgdoerfer, Jr.
Mr. Andrew J. Burke
Mr. Harry Burkhart III
Dr. Rita J. Burns
Mrs. Charlsia L. Burns
Mr. Collin Burton
Mr. Steven S. Bush
Mrs. Ann S. Butler
Mr. J. R. Butler
Mr. Roy A. Butler
Mrs. Eleanor A. Butler
Mr. Albert E. Buzeka
Mr. T. Swayne Byrd
Ms. Ruth B. Caesar
Mr. Floyd A Cailloux
Ms. Kathleen C. Cailloux
Mr. Bert Calabro
Mrs. Christine M. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Calhoon
Mrs. Virginia S. Calhoun
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cali
Mr. Joe C. Calvin
Ms. Lizette M. Cambre
Ms. Marjorie P. Cameron
Ms. Margie Camp
Ms. Ruth C. Campbell
Ms. Loisella Card
Mrs. Margaret E. Carl
John and Jo Ann Carlisle
Mrs. Jo Ann Carlisle
The Honorable Frank C. Carlucci
Mrs. Nancy D. Carmichael
Mrs. Bertha D. Carpenter
Ms. Esther P Carrico
Mr. John F. Carrigan
Ms. Geraldine M. Carter
Ms. Cherie Glynn Franks Carver
Mr. Don Casey
Ms. Valerie A. Casey
Mr. Joe Celli
Mr. Douglas D Center
Mrs. Ferne Collum Center
Mrs. Mary E. Certain
Mr. James J. Cervinka
Mrs. Janice M. Chamberlain
Byron H. and Cicely J. Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Chaney
Mrs. Margo T. Chapin
Mr. Brad Chapin
Mr. J. C. Chapman
Mrs. Sandra S. Chapman
Ms. Deborah L. Chapman
Mrs. Adraia Chazanow
Mrs. Mabel G. Cheetham
Ms. Sylvia Chiappetta
Ms. Leona C. Chicoine
Mr. Leonard H. Childress
Mr. Peter A. Childs
Mrs. Sandra Christensen
Mr. Robert C. Chuoke, Jr.
Mr. Don M. Church
Mr. Edward G. Clark
Mrs. Dorothy L. Clark
Ms. Ruby O. Clark
Mrs. Jean T. Clarke
Mr. Joe F Clarkson
Ms. Margaret S. Claypool
Mr. and Mrs. Barney W. Cearley
Mrs. Janice S. Clegg
Mr. J. R. Clegg, Sr.
Mr. Bruce A. Clutter
Mrs. Laura Clutter
Mr. Edward C. Coffey
Mr. Daniel Cohan
Ms. Evelyn H Coker
Ms. Lucille Moye Colbert
Mr. Edward Cole
Ms. Marguerite Elizabeth Cole
Mr. Stephen M. Coleman
Mrs. Virginia A. Collet
Mrs. Marvin K. Collie
Mr. Gus H. Comiskey Jr.
Mrs. Karen Comiskey
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Conine
Ms. Kathleen Conn
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Connell
Mrs. Mary Connell
Mr. Henry Connor
Mr. Joseph John Conradi
Mr. Marcus P. Contreras
Mr. Allie Crockett Conway
Mrs. Emily H. Conway
Mrs. Joan M. Cook
Mr. Robert L. Cook
Mrs. Andrea C. Cook
Ms. Vivian Partin Cook
Mrs. Letitia S. Cooley
Mr. D. G. Cooper
Mr. R. W. Cooper
Mr. William E. Cooper
Mrs. Jean M. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Corey
Ms. Edna May Corey
Mr. Charles G. Corley
Mr. J. B. Coskey
Mrs. Shirley Coskey
Mrs. Barbara Cothron
Mr. Charles H. Cotros
Mrs. Connie P. Cotros
Mr. and Mrs. David Cottrell
Mrs. Frances M. Cousins
Mr. Everette B Cousins
Mr. Jerry L Covington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crabtree
Mr. Robert W. Crabtree
Janet Craig
Mr. Charles E. Craig, Jr.
Ms. Jennie E. Craig
Ms. Diana Norman Crane
Mrs. Millicent A. Crawford
Mr. Bob Crawmer
Mrs. Andrea Crawmer
Mrs. Silky R. Crockett
Mr. Robert H. Cronshey
Mr. Thomas Crothers
Ms. Elizabeth Kellogg Crouch
Mr. Thomas H Cruikshank, Sr
Ms. Mary L. Cruse
Mrs. Ruth E. Cude
Mr. Richard F. Cullinan
Ms. Kiki Cullum
Dr. John W. Cunningham
Mrs. Gertrude H. Currie
Mr. Edwin S. Curtis
Mrs. Pearl B Curtis
Ms. Margaret Merle Curtis
Ms. Carolyn Cutler
Mrs. Eddie Lee Dahn
Mr. Harold C. Dailey
Mrs. Mary L. Dailey
Ms. Rhoda H Dalby
Richard G. Daly
Mr. Philip R. D'Ambrogi
Ms. Mary S. Daniel
Dr. William R. Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Daniels
Mr. Paul V. Daniels
Ms. Dianne L. Darlin
Mr. Raymond E. Davenport
Mr. Robert V. Davidson
Ms. Margaret Elizabeth Davidson
Mrs. Mary Beth Davies
Mr. Bruce G. Davis
Mr. Henry Ford Davis
Mr. Ira Winfield Davis
Mr. Sam F. Davis
Mr. L. Decker Dawson
Mrs. Louise Loper Dawson
Ms. Helen Kosack De Kanter
Mr. Ernest L. Deal, Jr
Ms. Kathryn Debord
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Decker
Mr. Ray A. Deckert
Ray and Myrna Deckert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delzotti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delzotti
Mrs. Katherine Denton
Mrs. Gladys E Deschner
Mr. Bernard W. Detlefsen
Mrs. George S. Deutsch
Mr. Charles K. Devall
Mr. Tom DiCenso
Ms. Mary K. DiCenso
Ms. Debra Dickinson
Mrs. Ruby E. Dilgren
Mr. Scott A. Dillard
Dr. Ralph C. Disch
Mr. Chris Dixie
Ms. Doris B Dodd
Mrs. Willie B. Dodson
Don L. and Julie Holden Foundation
Mrs. Flavia E Doolittle
Mr. William J. Dore, Sr.
Mrs. Kay Dore
Mrs. Phyllis M. Doring
Mrs. Ruth R. Doss
Herb and Lucky Douglas
Mrs. V. Benner Dowe
Dr. Damona G. Doye
Ms. Ruth Sharp Doyle
Mr. Jeff Drabing
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Draper
Mrs. Margaret L. Draper
Ms. Diana H. Druley
Ms. Viola Sigel Duer
Ms. Nan Duhon
Mr. Michael A. Duhon
Ms. Jeannette Dulin
Mr. Lewis T. Dumas
Ms. Constance A. Dumas
Ms. Miriam G. Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Duncan
Mr. R. Roy Duncan
Mrs. Margaret F. Duncan
Mr. Charles L. Durham
Ms. Mildred M. Duty
Ms. Jacqueline H. Dwyer
Mr. Robert Dyment
Mr. Arthur J. Dyson
Mr. Henry S. Eason, Sr.
Mr. Dale E. Eckard
Ms. Erna A. Edmunds
Mr. Bill C. Edwards
Mr. William H. Edwards, Jr.
Mrs. Shirley M. Ehrich
Eilenberg Family Memorial Trust
Mr. Jay S. Eisenberg
Mrs. Lori Eisenberg
Mr. Phillip O. Elbert
Ms. Zola F. Elliott
Mrs. Colleen Ender
Mr. Robert M. Erbrick, Sr.
Mr. Harold J. Erbs
Mrs. Marilyn L. Erbs
Ms. Candas A. Erickson
Mr. Brian D. Esenwein
Mr. and Mrs. Aalt D. Evans
Mrs. Elly Evans
Ms. Alice Evard
Mr. Harry Fagen
Mr. Jack L. Fairman
Mr. Harold M Falik
Dr. and Mrs. Jerrold S. Falk
Mrs. Paula A. Falk
Mrs. David N. Farb
Ms. Mary Leahy Farnan, Esq.
Ms. Barbara A Farone
Ms. Velma L. Farris
Mrs. Marialice S. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Dillon J. Ferguson
Mrs. Jessie Ferguson
Mr. Jon A. Ferris
Mrs. Harriet B. Filmer
Mr. John K. Finlayson
Mr. George A. Finley III
Mr. Donald F. Fisher
Mrs. Lillian L. Fisher
Mrs. Phyllis H Fissel
Ms. Patricia E. Flanigan
Mr. St. Marc J. Flotte
Mrs. Patricia L. Flowers
Mr. Andrew C. Floyd
Ms. Mariolivie G. Flume
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Folkerth
Marcia and Daniel Forbes Family Living Trust
Ms. Tommie B. Ford
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Forse
Margarett and Joe (deceased) Foster
Ms. Donna C Fotheringham
Mr. Henry M. Fowler
Ms. Mary Jane Fredrickson
Mr. E. A. Freeman
Mr. Harry M. Freeman
Mrs. Bebe Roberts Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Langdon T. Frey III
Mr. Michael C. Frick
Mrs. Fay Cohen Friedman
Mr. Arthur L. Friedman
Mrs. Beverly b. Friedman
Mrs. Josephine H Friedman
Mr. John F. Friese
Mr. John K. Funk
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Fuson
Mr. Frank H. Gabriel
Ms. Grace Gabrielsen
Mr. Waldo A. Gaedke
Dr. Ofelia E. Gallardo
Mrs. Margie H. Gammill
Mrs. Carol S. Gandee-Jones
Ms. Bettye V. Gandy
Mr. R. K. Ganter
Ms. Alice Gantt
Ms. Doris S Garrett
Ms. Fern A Garrett
Ms. Nora K. Garrison
Mr. Charles W. Geelan
Mr. Louis J. Gehrm
Mr. Louis J. Genat
Mrs. Hilda J. Genecov
Mr. Charles Genite, Jr.
Don Gentry and Cindy Anderson
Miss Taylor B. Gerke
Ms. Elizabeth C, Gerlach
Mrs. Geraldine H. Gerling
Mrs. Frances A Gershon
Mrs. Rose S. Getz
Mr. Jeffrey S. Geuther
Mr. Gary F. Gibson
Mrs. Debbie Gibson
Mrs. Zilpah R. Gibson
Ms. Rosie K. Giessel
Dr. Ronald F. Giffler
Mrs. Norma L Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Giles
Ms. Melissa Gilhart
Mrs. Gloria J. Gilliland
Ms. Catherine A. Gilmore
Mr. Mose A. Gimbel, Jr.
Mr. John H Ginsbach
Ms. Frances E. Ginsburg
Mrs. Jeanette M. Ginsburg
Ms. Jean Glazer
Mrs. Royce A. Glidden
Ms. Elsie B. Goken
Mr. and Mrs. I. Nicholas Goldstein
Mrs. Sara G. Goldstein
Ms. Julie A. Gomez
Ms. Vivian E. Goodson
Mr. Steven L. Gordon
Mr. John E Gorman
Mrs. Rosemary Gouldy
Mr. Keith Graff
Mrs. Myra J. Graff
Mr. Doyle A. Graham
Mrs. Clifford E. Graham
Mr. Donald M. Graubart
Mr. John D. Gray
Mr. Richard W. Gray III
The Honorable C. Boyden Gray
Ms. Marianne A. Gray
Mr. Curtis S. Green
Mr. Glenn Ray Green
Mrs. Callie B. Green
Dean and Marilyn Greenberg
Ms. Phyliss S. Greene
Mr. Edwin F. Greenlee
Dr. Margaret M. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. F. O'Neil Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Michael Griffin
Mr. Leroy B. Griffin
Mrs. Candace P. Griffithe
Mr. Donald C. Grim
Mr. Bernard O. Grimm
Mrs. Willie Katherine C. Groce
Mrs. Billye Spicer Grogan
Mrs. Carl R. Gromatzky
Mrs. Vivian G. Groner
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Gronik, Jr.
Mr. Richard Grossman
Mrs. Roslyn Grossman
Mr. Russell S. Grove, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Guerard
Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Guill
Mr. Thomas R. Gullick
Ms. Lorraine L. Gunter
Ms. Karin A. Guy
Mrs. Ferenc Gyorkey
Estate of Floyd L. Haar
Mrs. Mildred G. Haas
Mr. Gerhard Haase
Mr. David L. Haberle
Ms. Lubia Violet Cadyck Hagan
Ms. Win F. Hageman
Ms. Blanche Hall
Mr. Thomas Hallinan
Ms. Carol Hallinan
Mr. Richard C. Halpern
Mr. Lester Dale Hamlet
Mrs. Lynn A. Haney
Ms. Betty Lou Hanlon
Mr. John Hanson II
Mr. John C. Hardison
Mrs. Cynthia A Hargrave
Mr. Harrell Harkey
Mr. Donald E. Harper, Jr.
Mrs. Carol S. Harper
Mr. Titus H. Harris, Jr.
Ms. Edith T. Harris
Ms. Renah G. Harris
Dr. Theodore N. Harrison
Ms. Sara B. Harrison
Mrs. Sammie Nguyen Hart
Mr. Francis W. Harvey
Mr. Robert E. Harvey
Mr. Wil P. Harvey
Mrs. Diane Marks Harvey
Mrs. Dolores M Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Hauche
Mrs. Helen K. Hawkins
Ms. Helen T. Hawkins
Ms. Cora M Hawley
Mrs. Janet Hayden
Mrs. Betty J Haynes
Dr. Thomas P. Haynie
Ms. Judy Hays
Mrs. Annie Blake M. Head
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Heath
Mrs. Mary Seale Hecht
Ms. Teresa O. Heck
Mr. Gene P. Heinrich
Dr. Peter R. Heinze
Mr. Edwin Heller
Mrs. Dorothy Heller
Ms. Eleanor P Helmcamp
Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Henderson
Mr. Gerald Henderson
Mrs. Wanda L. Henderson
Ms. Dorothy A Henrichs
Mr. Thomas A. Hereford
Mr. Arthur Hermann
Mr. T. Richard Herold
Mrs. Mitzi Herold
Mr. Craig R. Hersch
Mr. Robert Heyman
Mr. James M. Hicks
Mrs. Laura Lee Hicks
Mrs. Gloria Hicks
Ms. Mary M. Hicks
Mr. A.K. High
Ms. Sarah Josephine Hildebrand
Ms. Joycelyn Anita Hinds
Mr. and Mrs. V.G. Hinze
Ms. Myrtie Hoffman
Mr. R. A Hoffmaster
Mr. George S. Hogan
Mr. Forrest E. Hoglund
Mr. D. Alter Holand
Mrs. MaraLessa Holand
Mr. William E. Holder
Mrs. Octavia Holman
Mr. Kenneth B. Holmes, Jr.
Mr. David Holtz
Mr. David Holtz's Client
Mrs. Denise L. Hompe
Mr. Edgar M. Hood III
Ms. Patricia Hood
Mrs. Evelyn H Hoopingarner
Dr. Robert Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hopkins
Helen Kirk Hopper
Mr. John P. Horan
Ms. Willie Mae Horn
Mr. Tres Hovel
Ms. Annie Lauire Howard
Mrs. Desiree Lyon Howe
Mr. Joe L. Howell
Mr. Avery L. Howell, Sr.
Mrs. Barbara G. Hoyt
Mrs. Jere Clayton Hubbard
Mrs. Frances Huber
Mrs. Letha K. Hudson
Ms. Joyce M. Humrichouse
Mr. Harrell Huneycutt
Mr. Charles B Hunt
Mr. John W. Hunt
Mr. Thomas M. Hunt
Mr. Jasper E. Hunter
Ms. Donna Hutcheson
Ms. Viki Hymer
Ms. Margaret G. Hynes
Mr. Mike Iannaci
Mr. Theodore J. Ignall
Mrs. Natalie D. Inge
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Ippolito
Mr. Hubert P. Isaacks
Ms. Eliza E Isaacs
Ms. Nell B. Jack
Ms. Janet Jackson
Ms. Mary P. Jackson
Ms. Eleanor R. Jacobs
Mrs. Joyce F. Jaffee
Mrs. Elizabeth K. James
Mr. William R. Jeffryes
Ms. Ione V. Jennings
James C. Jennis
Mr. Carl Stanley Johnson
Mrs. Charlene A. Johnson
Ms. Stella Frances Johnson
Darrel and Barbara Johnson
Mr. Carl S. Johnson
Mr. Chrest B. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Larry Johnson
Mr. Theodore Johnson
Mrs. Barbara J. Johnson
Mrs. Nancy R. Johnson
Ms. Barbara M. Johnson
Ms. Kathleen L. Johnson
Ms. Janet Annabelle Jones
Mr. Horace A. Jones
Mrs. Leona V. Jones
Ms. Christine Montague Jones
Ms. Peggy K. Joplin
Ms. Joyce M. Jordan
Mr. David O Jordan
Mr. George C. Jordan, Sr.
Mrs. Eunice Jostes
Mr. Howard W. Kaler
Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Kamins
Mrs. Glenda R. Kane
Glenda and Jerry Kane
Mrs. Dorothy Kapelanski
Mrs. Celine S. Kaplan
Mr. Charles I. Kaplan
Ms. Cheryl E. Kaufman
Ms. Helena V. Kay
Mr. Thomas Louis Kazokas
Mr. David L. Keel
Dr. Ralph Keen
Mrs. Lessley S. Keese
Mrs. Mary M Keesee
Mrs. Mildred H. Keith
Mrs. Margaret A. Kelly
Mrs. R. A. Kennedy
Mr. Max Kessel
Mrs. Fanny Kessel
Robert and Lisa Kessler
Robert and Lisa Kessler Trust
Mrs. Janice Kettle
Mr. George F. Kettle
Mr. and Mrs. Willet Keyser
Mrs. Gladys M. Kilsdonk
Mr. Clinton H. King
Ms. Judith D. King
Mrs. Dolores E King
Ms. Mary W. King
Paula and Peter Klante
Mrs. Ruth Klein
Dr. William H. Klein
Mrs. Roberta T. Klein
Ms. Martha R Kleymeyer
Mr. Joseph Knapick
Colonel and Mrs. Bobby Knapp
Mr. Donald F. Knowlton
Ms. Dorothy E. Koch
Ms. Tommie Koehn
Ms. Mary B. Koeze
Mrs. Evelyn M. Kohlbrecher
Ms. Marion Kolb
Ms. Lynda L. Koopman
Mr. Raymond C. Koorenny
Mr. Edward B. Kopfler
Mrs. Alice Kopfler
Mr. Robert L. Korb
Mrs. Linda A. Korb
Mr. Harvey L. Kowalsky
Ms. Elvira D Krause
Mr. Stephen Kraychy
Mr. Bruce Krier
Mrs. Marie L Krishna
Miss Rama R. Krishnan
Mr. Ronald D. Krist
Mrs. Carole Krist
Mrs. Lorraine Krucks
Ms. Adelheid H. Krueger
Dr. Iris M. Krupp
Mrs. Charlotte Garrett Kuester
Mrs. Virginia K. Kulp
Mr. John Edwin Kunz
Ms. Betty J Kunze
Dr. David L. Kurtz
Mrs. Roberta Houx Kurtz
Ms. Jetti Segel Kurtz
Ms. Lois Kuss
Dr. Demos T. Kyrazis
Mrs. Jacque G. La Vista
Ms. Donna Lacey
Mr. Kent Lacy
Dr. James L. Laham
Ms. Joan Lamb
Ms. Emma Lou Lancster
Ms. Iva R Land
Mrs. Dolores Landrum
Dr. Richard S. Landrum
Mrs. Jane Lanham
Mrs. Blanche Louise Largent
Mrs. Kay D. Laro
Ms. Helen Laufman
Helen H. Laughery
Mrs. Shirley A. LaVergne
Mr. Michael G. Lawrence
Mr. Raymond S. Lawyer
Dr. Kenneth L. Lay
Mr. Milam E. Leavens
Mrs. Lisa K. LeBlanc
Mrs. Junice C. Leckrone
Patti Watson LeClear
Mr. J. B. Lee, Jr.
Mr. Henry F LeMieux
Mr. Richard Lenzner
Mr. Joseph L. Leonard
Mrs. Marty V. Leonard
Mr. Lewis Arnold Lester
Mrs. Ruth E. Lester
Mr. Jerome Levine
Mrs. Evelyn Levine
Mr. Lawrence I. Levy
Mr. Meyer Levy
Dr. Mary Ruth Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D Lewis
Mrs. Virgie C. Lewis
Ms. Ruby J. Lewis
Ms. Elsie Lieskovsky
Mrs. George E. Light
Ms. Sally Lilly
Mrs. Italia Theresa Limmer
Mr. George Lindler
Mr. Charles R. Lindsey
Ms. Lera Jo Lingo
Mr. Michael C. Linn
Ms. Nancy A. Linton
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Little
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Livingston
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Lockhart
Ms. Kathy A Loera
Mrs. Myrtle Logsdon
Mrs. Becky Lomax-Sumner
Ms. Ida B. Loper
Mrs. Sara P. Loshak
Mrs. Margaret McKean Love
Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Love
Mrs. Gertrude A. Loy
Ms. Bernece Luhnow
Mr. Norman J. Luke
Mr. Fred H. Lunsford, Sr.
Mrs. Rachel Lyman
Ms. Lassye G. Maas
Mr. Robert MacDonald
Ms. Evelyn K. MacDonald
Mrs. Elisabeth Boswell MacKay
Ms. Mavis Ann MacKay
Mr. Andrew MacKechnie
Mr. Rodney D Maddox
Mr. William F. Magee
Mrs. Angela Magne
Mr. Robert L. Magnetti
Mrs. Ann E. Magnetti
Mr. Daniel J. Major
Mrs. Marlene A. Malek
The Honorable and Mrs. Frederic V. Malek
Mr. Gregers Malling-Holm
Ms. Celeste Manley
Mr. Robert E. Mann, Sr.
Mr. Bill E Mann
Mrs. Robert E. Mann, Sr.
Dr. Jean Ann Makena Marangu
Mr. Burt Marans
Mrs. Betty B. Marcus
Mrs. Viola H. Marger
Mr. Rodney H. Margolis
Mrs. Shelly Ann Marks
Ms. Anita B. Markwardt
Mrs. Jo Marsh
Mr. Charles A. Marsh
Mrs. Alma Lee Marshall
Mrs. Josephine Williams Martin
Ms. Elizabeth B. Martin
Kris and Luther Maser
Mr. Stuart (Deceased) and Mrs. Flora Mason
Mr. Morris D. Matthews
Mr. Philip S. Matza
Mr. Nelson L. Mauldin
Ms. Hazel Maxwell
Mrs. Susan Mayernik
Ms. Eleanor Maynard
Mr. Floyd Mayo
Mr. L. Lowry Mays
Mr. and Mrs. John I. McCann
Mr. Jack T. McCann
Mr. James W. McCartney
Mrs. Evelyn L. McClellan
Mr. Robert W. McClendon
Mr. Floyd George McComas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve B. McCommas
Mrs. Wanna McCorkell
Mr. J. Philip McCormick
Mrs. Maurice C. McCray
Mr. Richard E. McCreary, Jr.
Ms. Anna B. McCullough
Ms. Gaye McCutchen
Mrs. Lola H. McDaniel
Ms. Susan C. McDonald
Mrs. Judith McFarland
Ms. Eleanor B. McGay
Ms. Ina L. McGinnis
Mrs. Kathryn D. McGlinchey
Mr. William P. McGrath
Ms. Blanch R. McGraw
Mr. John A. McGuire
Ms. Ayleene McKeel
Mrs. Lillian Herbelin McKibben
Mr. Jerold McMahon
Mr. S.D. McMullen
Ms. Martha Frances Meadors
J. Ralph and Lillian H. Meadows
Mrs. George H. Meason
Mrs. Leslie Kim Medlin
Ms. Caroline V. Meirs
Ms. Helen Widdis Melin
Mr. Sylvan Mellinger
Ms. Esther Mellinger
Ms. Phyllis Melnick
Mr. Fran Merbeth
M. Jane Merdian
Mrs. Cleo Merrill
Ms. Eve Messick
Mr. Thomas E. Metevier
Mrs. O. Frances Metz
Mr. Evelyn M Meyer
Mrs. Gail P. Middlekauff
Ms. Jan Middleton
Ms. Madeline C. Miles
Mr. Steven L. Miller
Mr. Abraham I Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Milligan
Ms. Susan K. Mintz
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mitchell
Ms. Carole Mitchell
Ms. Daphna Mitchell
Ms. Lillie Mae Mitchell
Mr. A. Clifton Mock
Mr. Robert J. Modersohn, Jr.
Mrs. O. Modersohn
Ms. Marilyn Moechel
Mr. Nunzio V. Mogavero
Mr. Bruce A. Moilan
Mr. and Mrs. James Moncrief
Ms. Vivian Mondello
Karen and Toby Mongan
Mr. Toby T. Mongan
Mrs. Mary E. Montrose
Dr. Charles B. Moore
Mr. Jerry J. Moore
Mr. Laurence Lusk Moore
Mr. John A. Moran
Mr. Dan J. Moran, Jr.
Mrs. Louise J. Moran
Ms. Maria Rosa More
Mr. Roland L. Moreau
Mr. Howard Moreland
Dr. Robert D. Moreton
Mrs. Alma W. Moreton
Ms. Joyce M. Morgan
Mrs. Huvian B Morris
Ms. Dorothea M Morris
Ms. Penny Morriss
Ms. Frances Morse
Gerald E. Moser and Helen K. Moser
Jerry and Helen Moser
Ms. Delores Kay Mosk
Mr. Petros Moutsos
Mrs. Deborah Moutsos
Mr. Kenneth F. Mrozinski
Ms. Willie Mae Mullen
Mrs. Susan Mulvey
Mr. Patrick B. Mulvey
Mr. Edwin Curran Murphy
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Murphy
Ms. Catherine C. Murphy
Mr. Timothy F. Murray
Mrs. Wanda L. Murry
Mrs. Carole E. Muzzillo
Mr. Arthur B. Myers
Mr. Charles L. Myers, Sr.
Mrs. Marion V. Myers
Mr. David G. Nance
Ms. Margaret Kate Narrell
Ms. Mary Ida Naylor
Ms. Doris Hooker Neal
Mr. James P. Neeves
Mr. Hubert Neff
Mr. Jerome J. Nerenberg
Mr. Sherwin S. Newar
Ms. June D. Newman
Mr. Joseph Newton
Mrs. Beverly B. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Nichols III
Ms. Clara Jean Nichols
Ms. Ethel Brown Niswonger
Mr. Lawrence E. Nix
Kathy and Bill Noble
Mr. and Mrs. John Noble
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Noggle
Ms. Dorothy Lu Norman
Mrs. Delpha M. Novak
Mr. Reagan John Nunnally
Mr. Jack Donald O'Brien
Mrs. Dennis O'Dell
Mr. Marvin Odum
Mrs. Donna Oglesby
Mr. William R. Olson
Mr. James H. O'Neill
Mrs. Mildred M. Oppenheimer
Mr. Gerard S. Orce
Mr. Paul F. Oreffice
Mrs. Jo Ann Oreffice
Orlo J. and Clara M. Mack Living Trust
Mrs. Mildred B Orts
Ms. Doris Oswald
Mr. William F. Ouchark
Mrs. Anne Ouchark
Susan M. and William R. Ouren
Mrs. Eleanor A. Owen
Mr. David R. Owen
Mr. William F. Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Owens
Mr. Giovanni M. Pagani
Mr. Melvin Pahl
Ms. Janet M. Palmer
Mr. Paul W. Parcel
Mrs. Maggie F. Parker
Mr. George E. Parker
Mr. George Parker, Jr.
Mr. John M. Parker
Mrs. Patricia H Parker
Ms. Mary E. Parker
Ms. Dorothy S. Parsons
Dr. Daksha M. Patel
Ms. Emae Miller Patin
Mr. Walter L Patrick
Mr. John C. Patterson, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth Gottlieb Pavel and Mr. Tom Pavel
Ms. Georganne Payne
Ms. Ima G. Peace
Mrs. Dorothy F. Pearlman
Ms. Esther B. Pearson
Mrs. Maria Salome Peck
Ms. Lois Ann Peckham
Susie and Bruce Peden
Ms. Lori Valencic and Mr. William D. Pellerin
Mr. Michael Peppers
Mr. Edmundo Perez de Cobos
Ms. Louene C. Perry
Mrs. Milena Pesic
Ms. Celina Peterle
Mrs. Anna Buckley Pfenning
Mr. Robert E. Phaneuf
Mr. T Boone Pickens
Mr. Eric Picker
Mrs. Mary Ann Picker
Mr. Charles A. Pickett
Mrs. Inez Pinson
Mr. Max R. Pirner
Mrs. Marilyn M Pirner
Ms. Adelle Corey Pittman
Ms. Mildred R. Pitts
Ms. Clara Pleasant
Ms. Erna L. Plumb
Mr. Douglas A. Poad
Mr. Carl Wayne Poindexter
Mrs. Mary E. Poindexter
Ms. Frances M. Polansky
Mr. David G. Polis
Mr. Ralph Ponce de Leon
Mrs. Marie Ponzio
Mrs. Tomi J. Porterfield
Mr. James H. Posey
James and Jackie Power Trust
Mrs. Susan S. Pratt
Ms. Lena M. Precourt
Mrs. Sheila Prenowitz
Mr. Gregg S. Priess
Mr. J. Phillip Pringle
Mrs. Ruth E. Pringle
Mr. Billy G. Pugh
Mrs. Linda Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Push
Mrs. Barbara Putnam
Mrs. Mary Ann Qualia
Ms. Janella C. Rachal
Terry L. and Diana C. Ragsdale
Ms. Claire J. Ramberg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Randall III
Mrs. Ashley Scott Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Rankin, Jr.
Mr. Steve G. Rapfogel
Mr. William J. Rapson
Mr. Bruce A. Redwine
Mrs. Irene I. Reece
Ms. Virgina Archer Reece
Mr. Jack A. Reichenthal
Mr. Alphonse Reithinger
Mrs. Vera M. Remer
Ms. Evelyn Marie Reno
Mr. Joseph C. Rhoden
Mrs. Mary Glen Rice
Mrs. Lillian M. Richardson
Mrs. Josephine H. Ricketts
Mr. David P. Ridgeway
Mrs. Dale Dailey Riepen
Ms. Barbara L. Rinehart
Mrs. Mary L. Rizk
Mrs. Lee Gardner Roach
Mr. Barrie Roberts
Mr. David Neil Roberts
Mr. R. Gordon Robertson
Mr. Bruce A. Robin
Ms. Belle Y. Robins
Ms. Anna Belle Robinson
Carolyn Jones Roden
Mrs. Beverly B. Rodriguez
Mr. James C. Roe
Ms. Louise T. Roe
Mr. Rupert O. Roett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Rogers
Mrs. Margaret A. Rogers
Mrs. Muriel L. Rogers
Mr. Richard E. Rolle
Mr. Alvin S. Romansky
Mr. Lewis V. Roos
Mr. Albert A Rosen
Mr. Leonard B. Rosenberg
Ms. Evelyn S Rosenburg
Mr. Joseph Rosenstein
Mrs. Maryanne S. Rosenstein
Mr. David Rosenstone
Mrs. Linda P. Ross
Ms. Caroline A Ross
Mrs. M. L. (Odette) Ruben
Mr. Robert G. Rubin
Ms. Elayne Rubinoff
Mr. William A. Runnels
Ms. Billie G. Ruppe
Ms. Maydel Dean Russell
Ms. Ruby Edna Rutherford
Mrs. Virginia S. Rutter
Ms. Susan Joy Saibara
Ms. Alberta Elaine Sander
Ms. Virginia Weyerman Sander
Mr. John R. Sanford
Mr. Vincent G. Santucci
Mr. J. H. Saul
Dr. Grady F Saunders
Dr. Priscilla P. Saunders
Mrs. Helen E Sawyer
Mr. Otto Schlamme
Mr. Don Schlattman
Mrs. Elizabeth M Schlichter
Mr. Andrew G. Schmitt, Sr.
Ms. Betty J. Schneider
Ms. Janet L. Schneider
Mr. H. J. Schott, Jr.
Ms. Margaret W. Schrader
Mrs. Esther R. Schulman
Mrs. Brenda K. Schultz
Mr. R. A. Schulze
Dr. Deanna J. Schupbach
Mr. Rob Schuyler
Dr. Sam Schwartzberg
Mr. Clarence R. Scogin
Mr. Walter J. Scott
Mr. Charles R Scott
Mrs. Gertrude Scott
Ms. Elizabeth P. Scott
Ms. Keri Scruggs
Ms. Patricia M. Seabury
Mrs. Lillian S. Seay
Dr. Thomas Seitz
Charles W. Selby
Mr. Roben Lee Sellers
Ms. Rana Sellers
Ms. Rose K. Selwitz
Ms. Dianna Archer Semon
Ms. Frieda Serrien
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Seski
Mr. Virgil Edward Settle
Mr. George M. Seymour
Mr. Grover L. Shade
Mr. J. Glenn Shaffer
Mr. Marc J. Shapiro
Mrs. Jeri Shapiro
Mr. Jesse R. Sharman
Mr. William Wilson Sharpe
Mrs. Tommie C. Shaughnessy
Mr. Leo N. Shaver, Jr.
Mrs. Jeanne F. Shelby
Mr. William H. Shelly
Mrs. Bette F. Shelton
Dr. Albert D. Shelton
Ms. Nelda Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sherrell
Mr. Joseph A. Shewski
Mr. William F. Shirley
Mr. Howard Sides
Mrs. Virginia L. Simien
Mrs. Jean M. Simonsen
Mr. Cecil P. Simpson
Ms. Anna C Simpson
Ms. Lottie A. Simpson
Ms. Lola Margaret Sinclair
Mrs. Jessiemay B. Sipple
Mr. Homer P. Sisemore
Mrs. Sarah B. Sisemore
Mrs. Dorothy A. Sivley
Mrs. Roberta H. Skidmore
Mr. James W. Skidmore
Ms. Mary O. Skipper
Mr. George A. Sloan
Mr. Robert I. Small
Don and Lori Smart
Don and Lori Smart
Dr. William P. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Terence J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Richard Smith
Mr. Claude W. Smith
Mr. Ed A. Smith
Mr. James A. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Rives H. Smith
Mrs. Anne D. Smith
Mrs. Lee Dennis Smith
Mrs. Lilla E. Smith
Mrs. Sue Bice Smith
Ms. Fern J. Smith
Ms. Idah S. Smith
Ms. Kirk J. Smith
Mr. John P. Snider
Mrs. Janet M. Snow
Ms. Oriel A. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sokol
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Soloff
Mr. Greg Sones
Mrs. Terry Sonnevil
Mr. H. M. Sowell
Mrs. Goldye Marian Spain
Ms. Emily R. Spainhour
Mr. Mick Spellman
Mr. Henry Paul Spencer
Mrs. Rita A. Spohnholtz
Mr. Langford Spraggins
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Staggers, Jr.
Mrs. Doris E. Stamm
Ms. Hilma E. Stark
Mr. Jon H. Starnes
Ms. Dolores Stasium
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Steffe
Ms. Dorothy L. Stehr
Mrs. Margaret Alexander Steiner
Ms. Angeline G. Steinfort
Ms. Stephanie C. Stelter
Dr. Maria Stephan-Laham
Mr. Raymond B. Stephens
Ms. Eleanor F. Stern
Ms. Christine L. Stevenson
Mr. H. Leighton Steward
Mr. Grover Stewart
Mrs. Thomasene T. Stewart
Mr. Leon B. Stinson
Mr. Edward D. Stone, Jr.
Mrs. Fanny Stone
Ms. Mary A. Striewski
Dr. David R. Strome
Mrs. Mary Strome
Miss Yvonne Struchen
Mr. Garvin P. Stryker
Mrs. Vera Alice Stufflebeem
Mrs. Doris E. Sula
Mr. Thomas A. Sullivan
Ms. Nancy Irene Sultuska
Mrs. Kimberly H. Summers
Ms. Gladys C Summers
Ms. Judith A. Supworth
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sutey
Mr. Virgil Swan
Mrs. Charlotte A. Swank
Dr. Peggy E. Swanson
Mr. William G. Sweetman
Mrs. Carlys K. Swenn
Ms. Sandra Syms
Mr. Lawrence E. Tabak
Mrs. Mary Taylor
Ms. Electa C. Taylor
Mr. Chester Allen Thames, Jr.
Ms. Diana Thibodaux
In memory of Tom J. Thoman
Mr. Steve L. Thomas
Mrs. Annie M Thomas
Mr. Douglas W. Thompson
Ms. Sandra Thomson
Ms. Jean Mae Thornton
Mrs. Violet Thwaites
Mrs. T.J. Tilly
Mr. John Mac Tisdel
The Marion Moore Todd Trust
Mr. Robert A. Townsend
Mrs. Helen A Trahin
Mrs. Lorraine Trapani
Mrs. Ruby I. Tregoning
Mr. Richard L. Triska, Jr.
Mr. Harold L Tull
Mr. Turczynksi
Mr. John L. Turner
Mr. Robert G. Turney
Mr. Mario Jr. Turtur
Mrs. Mary W Tyler
Ms. Mary Ucci
Dr. Jose L. Valencia
Ms. Margaret F. Van Dolsen
Mrs. Meta S Van Dyck
Mr. George T. Van Horn, Jr.
Ms. Catherine L. Vandiver
Ms. Mertie Vaughn
Ms. Jamie L. Villegas
Ms. Janet Vincze
Nancy Guinn Vitola
Mr. H. W. Vogan
Mr. Arthur M Voss
Mrs. Wilma Voss
Mrs. Nancy O'Neill Wade
Mr. Neal Osgood Wade, Jr.
Mr. Robert G. Wade
Mrs. June Waggoner
Mr. and Mrs. J. Virgil Waggoner
Mrs. Letha Wagner
Mr. Dinney Ng Wah and Mrs. Lan Peck Wah
Mrs. Eugenia B. Walker
Ms. Josephine Walker
Ms. Mary K. Wall
Carroll "Red" Wallace
Mrs. Dwane L. Wallace
Mr. Kenneth R. Wallon
Mr. James S. Walls, Jr.
Ms. Pearl Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Ward
Mrs. Louise Warner
Mr. Michael P. Warren
Mrs. Cathryn Waters
Mrs. Darlene Watson
Ms. Carolyn M. Wayne
Mr. Robert F. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Webb
Mrs. Joy D. Webb
Ms. Dorothy A Webb
Dr. John N. Weinstein
Mr. Ino G. Weiske
Mr. Al J Weiss
Mrs. Jeanette W. Weiss
Ms. Donnie Welch
Mr. Winfred D. Weldon
Mrs. Zieta G. Wells
Ms. Vera A. West
Mrs. Rosalie Westbrook
Dr. and Mrs. J. Taylor Wharton
Dr. and Mrs. J. Taylor Wharton
Mrs. Leona S. Whatley
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Whichard
Mrs. Wilma A. Whitaker
Dr. Lois White
Mr. John Medlin White
Mrs. Betty G. White
Mrs. Helen N. White
Ms. Patricia J. White
Mr. Lowell D. Whitlock III
Mr. Morris S. Wiginton III
Ms. Susan C. Wilbur
Mr. Vernon C. Wiley
Ms. Emma Elizabeth Willeford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Williams, Jr.
Mr. David Williams
Mr. James A. Williams
Mr. John B. Williams
Ms. Mary F. Williams
Ms. Sarah Agnes D. Williams
Mr. John Williamson
Ms. Joyce Welby Wills
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley W. Wilson
Mr. Jasper L Wilson
Mr. Robert Parr Wilson
Ms. Carolynn J Wilson
Ms. Margorie R. wilson
Mr. Ray S. Winne
Dr. J. David Winningham
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Wittmer
Mrs. Marjorie Wolf
Mrs. Raquel A. Wolfe
Mrs. Cyvia Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Wolff
Mrs. Daisy Shan Wong
Ms. Estella C. Woodard
Mrs. Lillian Wooster
Mr. H. L. Worrall
Mr. Stephen R. Wright
Mrs. Roberta Wright
Ms. Kathryn D. Wriston
Mrs. Rubye F. Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wysocki
Ms. Dorothy M. Wysong
Ms. Ann Yeager
Mr. Herbert S. Young
Mr. Nolan Young
Ms. Boonie Mae Young
Mrs. Meiling Yu
The Honorable Joseph Zappala
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zbar

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